Accenting classic dark blue pants or khaki-colored chinos can be easily accomplished if you order the shirts featured in the Pudu Lifestyle line. While the most popular seller is the Amalfi White Linen Shirt, you can also add color by choosing a blue and white stripe shirt in the Amalfi line for just a hint of interest or opt for a solid color choice in red, yellow, green, blue or purple.

Tan pants or shorts can be combined with solid colored shirts in orange, purple, brown, green or blue, depending on your personal preference.

You can find these colors featured in Pudu Lifestyle shirt styles, such as the previously mentioned Amalfi style and such fashionable designs as St. Tropez, Amazon, Barbados, and Baga. Cooler hues are showcased in the Barbados line. Or, consider prints or plaids for an added dash of color flair, represented by such Pudu Lifestyle fashion lines as Marrakech, Madrid, Soho Checks, and Bohemia.

Men’s Comfort Shorts

Men's Comfort Shorts

Comfort Shorts For The Stylish Man

When the weather turns warm and it’s time to find adventure outdoors, a nice pair of men’s linen shorts is the perfect choice. They wear well, keep you cool, and look great in just about any situation. If you are a man that likes to hike the mountain trail, you need good linen shorts that are sturdy and hold up under harsh conditions. But, if you are looking for a comfortable day at the beach or an afternoon with friends at a park, light weight organic cotton shorts are just the thing for the man of style.

Choosing the right pair of shorts for your needs is easy. Consider the color, fit, and length of the shorts you want to wear and the comfort they will offer. Then you can choose a style and fiber to suit the occasion. By investing in several pairs of great shorts you will always be ready for any event during the long summer months.

There are several styles to choose from. Great lengths for comfort shorts should be just above the knee, at the knee or just below the knee. Capri shorts for men are a great look and a nice change from long pants when they hit the mid calf range of the leg. Pleated front shorts look good on a slim frame while button fly, flat pocket shorts look good on the man with more weight. If you are going hiking in the outdoors, choose heavy cotton cargo shorts for added storage in the side pockets on the legs. You can mix and match colors, styles and taste with a number of great linen shirts to extend your wardrobe and style.

How to choose the best pants length

Every man in the world assumes that he knows what size pants he wears. The first number is the waist size and the second number is the inseam. Many people focus on the inseam as directly proportionate to height, though this isn’t necessarily accurate. It should be the measurement of the true inseam, which is actually the length of the leg.

It’s important to have this number correctly so that the pants rest at the correct height when you get dressed with a pair of shoes. To avoid taking a measurement to the side of your leg, there’s a way to check for the right size every time you try on a pair of pants.

The pants should rest about ¼ to ½ an inch above the heel of your shoe. This goes the same with dress shoes and dress pants as they do with jeans and sneakers. Nothing more than ½ an inch above the heel.

The reason for this is very simple. If you decide to go for anything more than ½ an inch above the heel, that is, a shorter inseam than you actually need, then you’ll be showing too much of your sock with every step you take. If you go longer than what you need, the pant falls over the heel of your shoe when you walk and you end up ripping out the cuff of your pants. This is why many men end up with tailored pants. ½ an inch can make a big difference in the proper fit.

3 Men’s Shorts Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Shorts are a great thing to wear in the summertime or when it’s warm outside, but there are a few things that you must avoid at all costs. They are severe fashion mishaps and can be completely avoided as long as you pay attention to what you’re buying. View the photos and read the descriptions of all your clothes so that you don’t fall into any problems.

The first thing is that denim should not be the material of your shorts. They are fine in a long pair of jeans, however they do not belong on your shorts. When you’re looking at shorts, they should be cotton or linen. Whether you wear them wrinkled or not is up to you, though a pleat down the center can help dress them up for special occasions.

The second is that you must note the length of the shorts. The length should be past your fingertips. If for any reason the shorts are shorter than your fingertips at your side, they are too short and should never be worn – at least not in public.

Finally, you need to avoid too many pockets. Cargo shorts with a pocket on the side of the thigh are fine, but if there are too many pockets, you’ll be too tempted to use them all for miscellaneous things here and there. Before you know it, your physique will look very lumpy because you’ve had the need to fill all of the pockets.

When it comes to men’s fashion, the belt is one of the few accessories that is used often. While you might not absolutely need a belt (and you shouldn’t if your trousers fit properly) they can really bring an outfit together. Men don’t have many opportunities to accessorize effectively, so the right belt with the right outfit can go a long way.

Men’s belts are pretty straightforward. There are formal styles and casual styles. Within each of these styles are other subsets that are based on personal tastes. You will probably need a few different belts to wear for work, social, and formal events that could come to pass in your life.


If you wear a suit or other “professional” attire, you will probably need at least one black and one brown belt. A reversible belt might be better for you if you do find yourself in need of both colors. Of course, they will share the same buckle so it couldn’t hurt to have a few different styles. Similarly, some belts may also have detachable buckles so you can change out whichever is most fitting for your work outfit.


Dress belts can work for more formal occasions too. However there are some styles that are more suitable for particular engagements. For example, you may want smooth grain leather belt instead of a textured one, which could be acceptable for work but not a formal dinner.


When you aren’t at work, you can pretty much go nuts with whatever belt fits your personality. There are belts made of braided or smooth leather, but you might also opt for something with a lot of color or a cloth belt for something more casual and simple.

Mens Casual Shirts

Mens Casual ShirtsMen’s fashion has been evolving over the past several years. Because the standard men’s wardrobe consists mostly of interchangeable trousers and jackets, casual shirts are becoming more and more important for social engagements and running everyday errands. These are great because you can slip them on after work and they will still be compatible with a pair of trousers or they can dress up a pair of jeans when you complete the look with a blazer.

There are many kinds of men’s casual shirts. Yes, this category includes tee shirts, but you may be more interested in collared shirts with designer prints because they are more sporty or mature. Still, a simple tee shirt might serve your purpose. In terms of designer shirts, though, you can opt for long sleeve and short sleeve with solid print or a pattern. You may also be able to find a ¾ sleeve that is designed to be rolled up to create a cuffed look.

Aside from fit, you will also need to choose the kind of design you prefer. Designers often have a signature look or you can opt something more classic like stripes, gingham, or plaids. Casual shirts might feature plastic buttons, metal snaps, or a zipper enclosure or even a tunic style front. They might also have a single breast pocket or two breast pockets. As you can see, there are many different looks and styles to choose from so you have a lot of options for showing off your personal taste.

When it comes to men’s fashion, experts will tell you that personal style is basically just a few adjustments to a basic look. The basic look, strangely enough, is almost the same for all guys: you need to have a handful of starter items that you can use flawlessly in a variety of ways. Typically, a basic wardrobe will consist of at least one high-class suit, a pair jeans, a pair of casual trousers, a few tee shirts, a few button-down shirts (with a variety of ties), a couple other jackets, and a couple pairs of shoes. This collection of items can be combined in nearly endless ways to create a basic look for you.

If you are comfortable with your wardrobe and you want to shake things up a little, you might want to consider a few small adjustments to improve your personal style:

  • There are seven kinds of pants (gabardine, denim, flannel, worsted wool, cavalry twill, tweed, and linen). If you want more versatility, adding one or more of these to your existing wardrobe might be a good place to start.
  • There are three kinds of coats (sports coat/blazer, classic black trench coat, black cashmere overcoat) that are suitable for varying degrees of formal. Combine them with the different kinds of pants for a handful of new looks.
  • Different kinds of headwear can provide an immediate change to your look.
  • Similarly, you can opt for a pocket watch instead of a wristwatch
  • Get a tie tack that corresponds to your watch or cuff links