Men’s Fashion for Every Body Type

Mens Body Flaws

Choosing the Right Clothes to Hide a Man’s Flaws

How To Use The Right Men’s Fashion Pieces To Hide Figure Flaws? No man is perfect and sometimes they look for clothes to cover up their flaws. There are a few items to keep in mind when shopping for clothes to hide body imperfections.

How to Choose the Right Clothes to Cover Problem Areas

Men who have short necks should stick to V-neck t-shirts and sweaters. The V elongates the neckline, creating an illusion that the man has a longer neck. Another tip to keep in mind when shopping for dress shirts is to find short collars. The shorter the collar, the longer a man’s neck looks. Men who have short necks need to stay away from collars over one inch in height.

On the other hand, men who have long necks can wear turtlenecks to shorten their neck. It is difficult to make turtlenecks look good, but if a man has a long neck, they can pull it off. Another shopping tip for long-necked men is to find dress shirts that have tall collars because this creates an illusion of a shorter neck.

Long-legged men need to stay away from pin stripes because pin stripes make people look taller, and tall men look terrible in pin-stripe suits. Keep in mind to find jeans that fit on the hips, not at the waist and do not tuck in shirts while wearing jeans.

Short men can wear pants that are up to their waist to create an illusion of longer legs. Tucking in shirts into dress slacks or jeans lengthen a shorter man’s torso. Men who have short legs should not wear cropped or cuffed pants because this gives short men a stubby appearance.