Lighten up for goodness sake. The tucked in t’s, the buttoned up oxfords…they are nice sometimes, but every once in a while we would like to see you let loose, wear sandals, throw caution to the wind, and untuck that shirt. Mom may not like it, but girls will. If you are finding that you are always dressed to the nine’s, you may be putting out a little too much energy on making yourself perfect.

Perfection is nice, on occasion, but so is casual. If you are overdoing it all the time, you are putting a lot of pressure on the girl who is with you to overdo it as well. There is never a time to let loose, to enjoy being messy, to “let your hair down.” Looking perfect all the time is exhausting, we want to see a casual side to you, the one that can sit on the couch with us in their pajama’s all day. Lay around in your sweats all day, just once for us?

Your Mom may have liked it when you made sure that your fingernails and ears were cleaned. Don’t get me wrong we like that too, but there is a need for us to see that rugged side as well. We also like the guy who has been digging in the mud, getting himself hot and sweaty, smelling like a man. Just every once in a while, we would like to see that guy come out of his shell and not be so “perfect.”