Build Your Mens Wardrobe: Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Men's Wardrobe

Starting Your Wardrobe?

Many guys who are starting out on their own and getting going in new careers can afford to start building a wardrobe. The right clothing is necessary for success. It says that you are mature and that you know who you are. It communicates with professionals that you are a worthy partner or adversary. It also communicates to potential mates that you are able to manage a relationship. If you want all of these things, you first need to get these things:


The most important thing you can do for your personal style is invest in a well tailored suit. This means that your jacket will fit snug but not feel too tight. It should flatter your stature and give you confidence. Typically, your first suit jacket should be black, single-breasted, and of a medium weight. From there, you might want to also consider a trench coat and an overcoat.


Of course, you should find pants that fit in a similar way and correspond with whatever jacket you choose. If you can find a jacket and trouser set that were made to match, that is ideal. However, there are several different kinds of pants that you could also pair with a classic black jacket (like jeans). Speaking of which, you should also have at least one pair of jeans.


Beneath your suit jacket you will also need to have a couple of classic solid-colored button-up shirts. White and blue are generally the most widely used. Solid colored shirts make for a simple backdrop for snazzy ties, too.

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