When it comes to men’s fashion, the belt is one of the few accessories that is used often. While you might not absolutely need a belt (and you shouldn’t if your trousers fit properly) they can really bring an outfit together. Men don’t have many opportunities to accessorize effectively, so the right belt with the right outfit can go a long way.

Men’s belts are pretty straightforward. There are formal styles and casual styles. Within each of these styles are other subsets that are based on personal tastes. You will probably need a few different belts to wear for work, social, and formal events that could come to pass in your life.


If you wear a suit or other “professional” attire, you will probably need at least one black and one brown belt. A reversible belt might be better for you if you do find yourself in need of both colors. Of course, they will share the same buckle so it couldn’t hurt to have a few different styles. Similarly, some belts may also have detachable buckles so you can change out whichever is most fitting for your work outfit.


Dress belts can work for more formal occasions too. However there are some styles that are more suitable for particular engagements. For example, you may want smooth grain leather belt instead of a textured one, which could be acceptable for work but not a formal dinner.


When you aren’t at work, you can pretty much go nuts with whatever belt fits your personality. There are belts made of braided or smooth leather, but you might also opt for something with a lot of color or a cloth belt for something more casual and simple.