How to choose the best pants length

Every man in the world assumes that he knows what size pants he wears. The first number is the waist size and the second number is the inseam. Many people focus on the inseam as directly proportionate to height, though this isn’t necessarily accurate. It should be the measurement of the true inseam, which is actually the length of the leg.

It’s important to have this number correctly so that the pants rest at the correct height when you get dressed with a pair of shoes. To avoid taking a measurement to the side of your leg, there’s a way to check for the right size every time you try on a pair of pants.

The pants should rest about ¼ to ½ an inch above the heel of your shoe. This goes the same with dress shoes and dress pants as they do with jeans and sneakers. Nothing more than ½ an inch above the heel.

The reason for this is very simple. If you decide to go for anything more than ½ an inch above the heel, that is, a shorter inseam than you actually need, then you’ll be showing too much of your sock with every step you take. If you go longer than what you need, the pant falls over the heel of your shoe when you walk and you end up ripping out the cuff of your pants. This is why many men end up with tailored pants. ½ an inch can make a big difference in the proper fit.